End-of-life care looks different for everyone, and we’re committed to delivering care on your terms. 


At Guaranteed, your care and comfort are our top priority. We know that people may have different wants and needs at the end of their lives, and their care should reflect that.

We’ll work directly with you to design a care plan and a personalized dying experience that creates space for you to die how you live, with the people, things, and rituals you value most. 

We know that entering hospice can be overwhelming, but rest assured, we will work directly with you every step of the way, ensuring that you are an active partner in your care and that decisions are made with you—not for or around you. So what exactly does that care look like? 


Guaranteed Guide is a 24/7 text message-based concierge service for you and your loved ones, which we refer to collectively as a Care Circle.

Learn more about how Guaranteed Guide enables personalized Care Circle Centered Hospice.


We aim to answer all of your questions, even the ones that might be scary. Don’t see your question below? Give us a call.

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How do I pay for hospice?

Hospice care is typically 100% covered by a patient's insurance provider. We believe excellent end-of-life care is a healthcare right; we strive to never turn away a patient due to an inability to pay.

Who qualifies for hospice care?

We serve individuals who have a terminal diagnosis, have a life expectancy of six months or less, and are ready to stop curative treatments.

Where is hospice care provided?

Hospice care is provided wherever our patients call home. This includes private homes, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities, and other living arrangements.

Can I continue to receive treatment for my illness while in hospice care?

Hospice care is focused on providing comfort by managing pain and symptoms associated with a terminal illness. You can receive care aimed at making you more comfortable and improving your quality of life, but curative treatment would need to cease.

Can family members, friends, and other loved ones be involved in the care process?

Absolutely! We work directly with you and your loved ones, collectively referred to as your Care Circle, to deliver personalized care from the moment you enter hospice through death and beyond, providing lifetime access to grief support.


Hear from members of the Guaranteed community about the care their loved ones received.

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My oldest sister was given the best care. Compassionate and competent. They are an example of what hospice care should be. A hospice nurse was dedicated to providing hospice care. A social worker was assigned. All of these caregivers were in immediate contact with me and went to see my sister within a day.

Maria K.

One of my friends recommended me this hospice when things got really bad when my grandpa was fighting cancer on the last stages. I’m so appreciative of the whole staff and nurses in particular. They were so kind and caring every step of the way until the last day. Their pain management helped my grandpa tremendously. Huge thank you!

Alina H.

Me and my family were facing very difficult times when we were referred. The team was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, especially visiting nurses. We also got great help from their Social Worker who helped us with different paperwork and applications.

Seymur A.

They made the last week of my grandma’s life better for us as a family to make new memories while keeping her comfortable in her own home with all of the support we needed.


Hi - I’m Jessica McGlory, Founder of Guaranteed Hospice.

I started Guaranteed because I became a caregiver overnight to my dad, and the hospice he was in offered very little support or guidance.

Our goal is for you to receive the care my dad and I never got—care that is supportive, personal, and safe. We’re here to deliver your care, on your terms.

We look forward to partnering with you to deliver the end-of-life care you deserve.


It would be an honor to partner with you to deliver your end-of-life care, how you want it.

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