Our take on end-of-life care is inclusive —of the dying, the grieving, their loved ones; of all races, ethnicities, abilities, genders, sexualities, and religions.

Everyone dies, and everyone should have access to the care they need.


We’re committed to delivering culturally competent care personalized to the communities and the individuals we serve.

We say yes

We proudly serve patients with complex health conditions, complicated family dynamics, and psychosocial needs like being unhoused or food insecurity.

Always accessible SMS messaging

Guaranteed Guide is a text message-based service for patients and loved ones to address questions and issues quickly and effectively.

Same-day evaluation

Whenever a patient is ready, we will be there. We respond to referrals immediately and will admit a patient anytime, day or night.

Care Circle admission

Family members and loved ones of patients can sign up for a Guaranteed lifetime membership to access holistic resources to meet their needs.

More in-person hours per day

96% of our patients receive SIA (service intensity add-on) visits and more in-person visits than the California and national average.

Customized bereavement care

Each loved one receives a 13-month custom bereavement care plan. In addition, we go beyond the 13-month bereavement benefit by providing loved ones with a lifetime membership to access resources and education.

Do you or a loved one need culturally competent care?

Interested in partnering with us on health equity programming?