What we do

Guaranteed Hospice creates beautiful end-of-life experiences for dying and grieving people through in-home hospice care customized to your exact needs.

We’re working to change the culture around death and make dying more inclusive, (kind of a funny thing to say about something that affects everyone), and we’re proud to provide tools that help people explore our culture’s complex relationship with end-of-life needs.

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Our view on dying

Death can be a radical expression of togetherness — something both difficult and beautiful. We don’t believe in tip-toeing around conversations about death, and we think people should die with the same vibrancy and color they live with. Death affects everyone.

Why shouldn’t we make it easier to deal with?

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Your Care Team

patient advocates
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Patient Advocates are your go-to coordinators in charge of finding solutions for your physical, mental, and emotional health. They’re available 24/7 for anything you might need.

medical directorS
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Medical Directors develop the best possible end-of-life care plan with input from all the people who know you best, including your primary care physician and other members of your care team.

Registered nurses
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Nurses monitor patient needs and provide weekly care around symptom and pain management. You’ll have access to them in person and virtually.

Home Hospice Aides
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Home Hospice Aides (HHA) visit consistently throughout the week and prioritize you and your family’s comfort. They help with day-to-day personal care and family education.

Spiritual guides
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Spiritual Guides offer religious and spiritual services to patients, their families, and their communities — no matter what you believe in.

Grief counselors
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Grief Counselors provide counseling services to patients and their families. They’re available for 1:1, family, and group sessions for the entirety of your care, and beyond.

hospice volunteers
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Hospice Volunteers can be elected by patients and their families to provide additional companionship, entertainment, housekeeping, and more.

where we are

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redefining Hospice

Our compassionate team of nurses, aides, volunteers, and counselors are dedicated to dignity and quality of life — from beginning to end. We aim to answer all of your questions, even the ones that might be scary.

We’re not in the business of hospice, because end-of-life deserves more than transactions and receipts. We’re in the business of celebrating life. We do that by granting end-of-life wishes for patients who trust us during one of life’s most daunting moments.

Our service is founded on the belief that our last days should be full of the life that led up to them. And when hospice care is no longer needed, we’ll continue to provide support and counseling to help loved ones through the grieving process.

Our Licenses and AccreditatioN

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Guaranteed Hospice proudly holds a License issued by the California Department of Public Health, ensuring that our level of care meets and exceeds the highest health and safety standards established by regulations and rules.

ACHC Accreditation seal

By achieving ACHC Accreditation, our company demonstrates its commitment to delivering the highest quality of products and services by complying with ACHC Accreditation Standards and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Conditions of Participation (CoPs).

Life matters until the end.

We’re reimagining end-of-life care. Explore what we can do for you. Send us a message below and we’ll respond within 24 hours.

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